Hello Malaysia!

In my 30 years of existence, I’ve never had a chance to ride an airplane, go to Manila or travel to other countries.

That’s funny, right? But yeah, it’s for real!

But last October 24th, I finally had my chance. Ridden an airplane from Cebu to Manila, then Manila to Malaysia. It’s my first time – to ride and airplane, step into Manila (just within NAIA 1 and 2, though), and then finally, a new environment, a new place, new cultures.

Hello Malaysia!

Staying at the Signature Serviced Suites & Studios


20151025_204057 20151025_204106 20151025_204113 20151025_204124 20151025_204129 20151026_054237 20151026_075049 20151026_080918On our way to Port Dickson
20151026_133441 20151026_133446 At the Avillion Port Dickson20151026_144804 20151026_144826 20151026_153434 20151026_160652 20151027_072702 20151027_072707 20151027_072713
20151027_073707 20151027_073855Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur
20151028_091144 20151029_100414 20151031_070526 20151031_073030 20151031_073036One of those days, when I’m alone …
20151031_080607 20151031_081348

Just a few of what I’ve tasted in Malaysia
20151029_164236 20151030_195902 20151028_093917Missing my family back home… But they always say when there’s an opportunity, grab it! So, I’m grabbing these opportunities. After all, these are all for my boys’ future!


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