Proud to be a Mom of My Boys

For this year, my husband and I made a big decision: to transfer our boys to a new school. At first, I was worried that they might be having a hard time adjusting with the new place, new classmates and teachers.

First day wasn’t that hard, as they told me. Then as days passed on, I realized it wasn’t a bad decision at all. Here’s why:

The boys and their new school uniforms (June 2015)

Here’s my eldest who got assigned to speak at their school’s Parents’ Orientation for new pupils/parents. Check out this video:

My eldest son’s exposure at a writing workshop, “Media Festival: Raising the Banner of Excellence and Media Leadership” last July 11-12, 2015 at Dao Diamond Hotel, Tagbilaran City.

with ABS-CBN Cebu’s Jun Nino Nalipay
with ABS-CBN's Leo Lastimosa
with ABS-CBN’ Cebu’s Leo Lastimosa

Here comes, August. Here’s what the boys did during their Buwan ng Wika.

My youngest son’s first singing stint

Here are videos of my youngest son’s singing and dancing stints:

My middle child's singing stint
My middle child’s singing stint

A video of his singing stint. He’s a bit shy, but that’s normal.

The little guy's eager to jump for candies
The little guys’ eager to jump for candies

Their school principal was my former teacher way back in high school. When we got a chance to talk, she told me, their school is jam packed with school activities that are geared towards helping pupils boost their self confidence.

So, here goes September and the various activities they’ve done in school:

September 7, 2015 – Mr. & Ms. Sportsfest 2015

Mr. & Ms. Sportsfest 2015 - Green team. Candidates' No. 3. Introduction of Candidates
Mr. & Ms. Sportsfest 2015 – Green team. Candidates’ No. 3. Introduction of Candidates
Sportswear Competition. These 2 won Best in Sportswear
Sportswear Competition. These two won Best in Sportswear
Proudly made by me and hubby.
Eco-waste Fashion
Eco-waste Fashion
Talent Competition
Talent Competition

Here’s a video of his talent presentation. Hubby and I are both proud. We helped him prepare everything from costumes to presentations and everything else. We’re really proud. He won Best in Talent.

Here’s the video of his question and answer portion. He forgot a few words and thought he wouldn’t get any reward for it. But he got the Best in Question and Answer.

Mr. & Ms. Sportsfest 2015
Mr. & Ms. Sportsfest 2015
My son's awards
My son’s awards

My sons’ September 10 – 11 sports fest activities:

DSCF0967 DSCF0964 DSCF0959 DSCF0958 DSCF0955 DSCF0953 DSCF0984 DSCF0981

My boys are a handful. But seeing them healthy and enjoying life to the fullest removes all my stress away. Helping them with all their school activities and all other activities they want to join, can be quite stressful. Yet, that’s the essence of parenting, right? To be there for the kids every step of the way.

Time will come, we parents, can’t be there for them all the time. The important thing is, while we’re still alive and kicking, we should give them all the love we can give. Make them feel that they don’t just have parents, they have friends as well. So, someday, we can be assured that even if we aren’t there, they’ll make the right decisions. If they make the  wrong ones, at least, they learn to stand up, move on and make up for it.

I (and your Papa) love you so much, my E boys! Always remember, we may be your parents, but we can be your friends too.


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