My Boys and Their Artwork

I’ve kept these pieces before. I thought of having them bounded like a book. But then I just thought, why not take photos of them and post on my blog.
This way, my kids – as they grow up, will have greater chances of reminiscing on their childhood memories.

My eldest’s artwork. To date, he’s now eleven years old.






DSCF9915 DSCF9916 DSCF9917 DSCF9913 DSCF9906 DSCF9905 DSCF9903

RV’s work, he’s my second…

DSCF9909 DSCF9924 DSCF9908 DSCF9907

Last but not the least, artworks from my youngest, TJ


DSCF9923 DSCF9922 DSCF9921 DSCF9920 DSCF9919 DSCF9918


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