Soon to be 30. But I Haven’t Fully Ditched the Fats.

In my last blog post in 2014, one of my new resolutions was to achieve my target weight before I turn 30.
But sadly I haven’t. I’m going to be 30 on April Fools Day and I haven’t managed to reduce even a kilo. I was 80 kilos at my heaviest. Then in 2014, I got from 80 to 56 kilos. I kind off stopped on my steamed veggie and fish diet and 2x a day exercise routine. So, I gained weight again. I’m currently around 62 to 65 kilos as of this writing. Well, I’m saying 60+ because the two weighing scales that I’ve made use of, doesn’t have matching weight results. One says I’m 62 and the other says I’m 65. So, I re-gained almost 10 kilos. I’ll definitely won’t be able to ditch the bulk in me by April 1st, so, I guess I would need to stretch my deadline. It’s better not to set a deadline. The important thing is to lose the fats 🙂 Here’s some photos:


 me with mom

                   When I was below 60 kilos:

072120142260 072120142262060620142168

At my heaviest:

 10520677_10202082949495764_285965123962144840_n 554778_246902338788420_1273332010_n


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