They’re Getting Married and I Wish Them All the Best

 Two of the best and successful people I know are getting married today!

This comes of as a surprise… surely they are busy for their big day … and they don’t know I’ve prepared this.

They can afford anything that money can buy, so I thought to myself, why not be creative?


My friendship with Lindy started when we were in Grade 2 at Holy Spirit School. She approached me and asked if we can exchange notebooks. I’ll copy the notes for her and she’ll copy mine. She said she loved my penmanship. There were times when I ended up with unfinished notes 🙂 … But it was the start of a friendship, a really great one, indeed.

Nino, on the other hand, was also our elementary batch mate. There were no sparks for the two of them since then. Lindy had a childhood crush in school and we had a few memories about that (Lindy, don’t be mad!). They were friends but not that kind of type where you would think they’d ended up together (ah, that’s just my observation as I looked back).

High school. All girls.

Nino transferred to another school.

I guess no communication from these two. As we never talked about him.

College came. Lindy studied in Cebu. While I just remained in Bohol (where I’ve always been). She studied nursing. I studied Political Science. Then something happened. Then I went to BS Psychology. She met new friends. I met new people as well. Then I had my first boyfriend. Then she did as well. One time, we talked for hours on the phone about that guy.

Lindy went abroad and worked. One day, she came home. She told me working abroad was not for her. She wasn’t that happy.

Then I had more kids, got married and worked. But Lindy remained single and had fun with her family and former batch mates.

The Marsies with Nino
The Marsies with Nino

 But Lindy’s bonding with batch mates was I guess a blessing in disguise. It led to having Nino in her life back again.

Then I saw pics of her and Nino on their social media accounts.

I asked Nino on skype if they were a couple. And indeed, they were!

I told him they look great together.

Then more photos came. and more photos. More memories. More travels together.

Lindy’s mom asked me once before, how is it being a mom as well. Then she told me, “good for you; I don’t know with Lindy when she’s going to tie the knot.” And the day has arrived.

They tied the knot. I wish them all the best. Marriage is a bumpy ride. Financial matters are not a biggie for them. Or I don’t know if they will ever have issues. They’re such a lovely couple and I hope they remain this way forever… and grow old together happily…

Meet my very very close friend, Lindy Sia and her husband-to-be (a few hours from now) Nino Guidaben.



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