My Son Says Teachers Aren’t Always Right

A conversation with these boys will always be fun and amusing!
A conversation with these boys will always be fun and amusing!

June 30th 2014. At dinner with my boys’ ages 5, 6, and 10.

10 year old: “Ma, when I grow up, I will strive my best to send you and Papa to America. We will live there. You and Papa will have a nice place to live in with a pool.”

6 year old: “Me, too. I will go to America. I won’t get married.”

Me: “Why is that?”

6 year old: “Because I don’t want kids – they’re hard-headed.”

Me: “Hah! So, that means, you’re hard-headed too?”

6 year old: Speechless. He just smiled.

Me: “Why do you want to go to America? Don’t you like the Philippines?”

10 year old: “I like the Philippines. But I just want to try it out there because of their technology like Google Glass, and others?”

Me: “How did you know about Google Glass?” I wondered because on Fridays and Saturdays (scheduled for computer games), I only see them playing online games.

10 year old: “Just because we’re kids, doesn’t mean we don’t research about technology. My friends and I spend time at the library, etc.”

Me: “Good to hear! So, you should study hard. Listen to your teachers and participate in the class discussions.”

10 year old: “Teachers aren’t always right, you know.

Me: “Yes, teachers aren’t perfect. Who says they are? But you will learn something from them.”

5 year old’s busy with his food 🙂


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