Happy Birthday, Dear Hubby!

To the world’s best hubby … to the world’s best “papipie”

We don’t have much this year. But then it doesn’t matter, right?

What matters is we’re able to tell you how happy we are to have you in our lives…



Don’t forget to watch my created slideshow on Slide.ly… hope you like it (can’t embed it here, so I shared it on Facebook instead)!

Above anything else, the kids and I would like to thank you for your all your efforts in being a good father / husband.

I also want to let you know…

– I still remembered that time when you texted me that “I’m simply amazing”. The next day, I laughed upon looking at the Smart Communications’ commercial (because their tagline is “Simply Amazing”)

– I still remembered the time when you cried in church after I told you we wouldn’t be seeing each other anymore because of …

– I still remembered the places we have been to (and I’m dreaming of places that I and the kids would want to go to someday)

– I love it when you comfort me whenever familial problems would arise

– I love it when you boost my self-confidence – you always tell me that I have something to be proud of myself

– I love it when you say you believe in me

– I am so thankful that you’ve helped me slim down (slowly but surely). Thank you for making me realize that “health is wealth”. Thank you for teaching me to let go of my old habits: eating sweets and anything else that’s good to the taste buds. Before, our fridge is full of biscuits, bread, etc … but with your helpful reminders, we now have these:


You’ve helped me realize why I need to stay fit and healthy!

There’s a lot of reasons and this blog post won’t be enough… But before I do end this one …

I want to tell you that I (and the kids) love you so much! 

Happy 30th birthday!!! 


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