It’s Never Too Late to Blog ‘Bout My 2014 Resolutions

I posted this on Facebook last month. Planned on blogging about this last January but I wasn’t able to find the time.

I just want to put this on record, so hopefully by next year, I can have a “self-evaluation”.

Wishlist for 2014:
1. Get rid of my double chin, baby fats (hahahahaha assuming with the baby fats)

Just look at these photos below, especially my 2013 photo. Notice my double chin?

I want to get rid of my obesity. Fingers crossed. I hope I can do it this year!!!


2. Get rich (not only financially, but with newer experiences, lessons in life and more people to meet/encounter)

Last year, I’ve met some new friends. It was a great feeling to meet new individuals and learn from their experiences and personalities. This year, I am hoping to learn something new from my own experiences and from the people I encounter everyday.

 3. Be a better “Archenette” (being a mom, wife, sister, daughter, employee, citizen and most especially a child of God)

I am not perfect. But it’s not bad to strive to become better, right?

How about you, what are your plans/wishlists/resolutions for this year?


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