I Wish I Wore a Topwedding Gown on My Wedding Day

When I got married, I would have wanted my wedding dress designed by a famous designer in our province. But my hubby and I didn’t have much – financially. So, I just borrowed from my sister-in-law’s wedding dress.

As I look back, I wondered what it’s like to renew our wedding vows. Since, I didn’t have my own dress; I’ll buy a new one 🙂 This is just wishful thinking though as I haven’t discussed this matter with hubby. But there’s no harm in surfing for wedding gowns online.

Then I found Topwedding, a global online shop selling bridal gowns, bridal party dresses, special occasion dresses, groom wear, and so many others. I mean why go anywhere else, when I can find everything in just one online shop. Plus, when I look into the testimonials of their previous clients, I told myself I wish I’ve worn a Topwedding gown on my wedding day.

They have vintage wedding dresses and I felt like buying all of it (wishful thinking again). But my most favorite of all is their Two Tone Strapless Embroidered Satin Princess Wedding Dress. It looks really nice and the embroidery is to die for.

  My favorite Vintage Wedding Dress 

I also browsed through their bridesmaid dresses and I’m speechless. I’m sure my bridesmaids would have loved to wear these dresses. I’m in love with their Ivory One Shoulder Ruffle Detailed Mini Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress. It’s very stylish, youthful and the ivory color is just amazing.

Any bridesmaid would love to wear a dress like this!

Other than these, if you love to wear a Chinese themed dress, check out their cheongsam. My favorite is the Gold Sequined Lace and Satin Ankle Length. The patterns are beautifully were done.

Isn’t this dress lovely?

If you’re planning to get married, always include Topwedding in your list and you’ll surely be a beautiful bride!



    • Glad you liked the gowns. They’re very nice indeed.

      Good luck on the wedding! Welcome to the club (in advance) 🙂

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