If a Man Wants to Cheat, He Will Cheat

Yesterday, when I was browsing through my Facebook timeline, I saw an entertainment news article about a Filipino comedian.

It’s Wally Bayola‘s sex video scandal with EB babe Yosh! Bayola is one of the hosts in Eat Bulaga; Yosh, on the other hand, is one of the show’s in-house dancers.  Eat Bulaga is a famous noontime show in the Philippines.

I didn’t care really. Until I came across this blogpost:


Wtf! He’s married to a lovely and decent woman. Not only that, he’s got 4 beautiful daughters and a son.


If Wally is actually guilty of this scandal, shame on him!

Look at his family. Look at his wife. I mean, what more can he ask for. He’s got the career, family and a beautiful wife.

If he was that bald man in the video, then it’s really frustrating!

This scenario reminded me of what a relative told me years back. I am not sexy because I am overweight. So, she told me, “you should get on a diet, so you’ll look good, just to be sure your husband won’t cheat on you”.

She’s right! I am overweight and I do need to slim down. But I still don’t think that having a sexy and beautiful body is a guarantee that your partner won’t cheat on you.

Look at Wally’s wife, she’s pretty, finished a Nursing degree (and lots of other qualities that I don’t know of), but then instances like these have happened!

To my relative, you’re wrong!

No matter how pretty, how smart, how educated a woman can be; if a man wants to cheat, he will cheat!


To Wally and Yosh (if you were really the ones in the video), I just hope you learn something out from this.

To Wally’s wife, just be strong for your kids. Don’t forget to pray!



  1. Ngaun q Lang nakita ang photo ni Wally and his family. Maganda, happy, at mukang well-provided ang wife at mga kids. Anu Kayang pumasok sa Utak ng Wally na yan, at nakuha pang mangaliwa at gumawa pa ng sex video? Sayang. Nakakahinayang. 😞

    • Yup. Magandang pamilya, talaga. I found the pic on his blog. If you click on the link below the image, you’ll find it there. This was the reason why I wrote about it, I wasn’t expecting that he is in fact married. We are not sure really that it was him. However, we can’t deny that the bald man really looks like him.

      We all go through mistakes in our lives, I just hope he and EB Babe Yosh learn something from this (assuming this is true). For his wife and kids, I wish them courage and determination.

    • I’m sure she will find one someday, somehow. For sure, she has other qualities. This was a mistake and she may be regretting everything (if this issue is true at all).

      So, whether you’re involved with a married individual or not, it’s no good to capture your “sexual scenes” on camera. For people doing it, I bet you like watching it. However, there are millions out there who would love to watch it several times that you do, would love to talk about it and would love to share it online. So, better not make a video out of it!

  2. lev him alone for God sake. Mind your own life,sinisira nyo ang buhay ng tao.. Nobodies perfect manalamin muna kayo kong wala kayong pagkakasalang nagawa…

    • Vanessa,

      Thanks for checking out my blog though. In the later part of this post, I am not totally talking about Wally. And I kept on mentioning “if this is true”, “assuming this is true”. This blog post is meant for men (or even women).

      Anyways, I respect your opinion.

      Just want to clarify that this is not totally aimed at Wally Bayola, it’s aimed at the act of cheating against one’s partner.

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