Philippine Crowdsourcing Act 2013: Citizen Engagement to the Highest Level

When I started working for in 2010, the crowdsourcing concept was quite new to me. I didn’t know what it was all about. But little did I know that I was already doing it.

Working online is just one part of it, which is what I’ve been doing for three years now.

I’ve loved the company and the concept as well. So, every time I get to see my fellow countrymen who are interested in crowdsourcing, I am very eager to help in promoting their initiative.

Just like what Senator TG Guingona is doing: Senate Bill No. 73: Philippine Crowdsourcing Act of 2013

Image: The Guingona Project

Through The Guingona Project, the Senator is giving the public a chance to post their comments/opinions regarding the  said bill. 

I got excited and I’ve done my part. I posted my comment and felt proud to take part in such a noble initiative.

Crowdsourcing is a new concept. But I believe in its advantages. I am a part of the public. I am a citizen of the Philippines. Just like you, I have my own opinions and desires for my country. I believe Senator TG Guingona’s initiative will do something better for me and my fellow countrymen.

So, I encourage you, to do your part!

Check out the links below:



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