Moving On

Moving On

From the very first time
I stepped foot on your spot
I already knew I am just a dot
A worthless nobody.

I tried reaching to you
But no matter what I do
I could never please you (a dominant person such as you).

I don’t have a clue
Why you always get mad at me.
It seems like I turn your beautiful mornings into blue.

Whenever you yell at me,
I am totally buried in the pit.
I was broken
My heart was crushed into pieces
But I didn’t give up
I swallowed my pride
There wasn’t a day that I stopped,
Because I was always hoping and wishing
That someday you’ll see
I am not the person you thought I would be.

Was it really me? (Was I the problem?)
Or could it be you?
Think about it! But I know you can’t and won’t
Because you are a self-righteous b****!

Yet, I have to let go.
Despite of how you made me feel so low.
Why should I dwell on the sorrows you caused,
While you lived your life so well.

I want to smile again
Bring the happiness I used to have within
I will move on now.
I know that someday, you’ll also feel how much I got bruised!

…. Tribute to A Dominant Woman I Once Knew! No one Compares To You!
… The times I spent were one of the terrifying and miserable days…
… But I learned the complexities of life… I learned the diverse qualities of human beings…
… Human beings who live life so well, but deep in their hearts, they are broken as I am….

I wrote this poem a few years ago and I posted it on my Facebook Notes (Thursday, August 6, 2009 at 2:41pm). I have forgotten about this poem. But one of my colleagues before commented on my Facebook note (as she knew what this poem is all about).


It’s a blessing in disguise though, not because I liked reminiscing on that experience. But it gave me a hint to post on my blog 🙂

Just so you can understand a little on what this poem is about, you can read my previous blog post, The Stories Behind My Pregnancies, this whole struggle happened during my third pregnancy.


DImageon’t dwell on the past. Instead, just have faith, work harder and move on.

I haven’t forgotten about it. I even tell it to others, in a way to inspire people and let the world know that trials may come and go. But the important thing is we need to look beyond the experience and make use of it as we continue living.  This way, we can easily accept and move on.


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