The Stories Behind My Pregnancies…

Carrying a baby for nine months clearly shows a mother's strength and  love.
Carrying a baby for nine months clearly shows a mother’s strength and love.

Pregnancy 1. Son: Francis Luke

I gave birth to Francis at 19. So, you already know what I mean… I’m one of those trendy “excited” teenagers. I was a college student at the time. So, I stopped for one semester.

You know what, people were harsh. Some would look at me from head to foot and would make harsh comments. Just by the look at their facial expressions, I knew they have lots of criticisms. Well, I have to go on. Life goes on.

I continued studying after I gave birth. Thanks to Mama, my family and the father of my baby for helping me take care of my kid. I was able to make both ends meet, being a mother and a college student at the time.

Pregnancy 2. son: RV

Same father.

A month before my college graduation, I got pregnant again. Another blessing. The pregnancy was a problem because it was hard for me to find a job. I went to five companies for interviews. I have had job interviews from two foreigners of two different establishments. Unfortunately, a foreigner told me that he would have given me the position but because I was pregnant, I will not be accepted as I will not be able to finish the semester; since I have to undergo a maternity leave.

Finally, I got a job. The position is good. I like it. Somehow, it exposed me to my college degree. But, the pay is equivalent to person who has not finished college. I went on AWOL, when I got another offer.

You know, this company requires their female applicants to undergo a pregnancy test. I was accepted despite of the fact that I was pregnant. Then, I went on AWOL.

I was ashamed of my HR Head because of what I did. I was so ashamed of what I did, I decided not to get inside the  mall (owned by the same company) until I gave birth. I was so afraid that they might recognize me while I’m still pregnant.

One more thing, I got married a month after graduation, to E, of course.

Pregnany 3. son: TJ

Finally, I was hired by an establishment. In fact, I have been dreaming about this ever since. It’s a dream come true indeed!

Yes, I got hired. I aced the interview. At the same time, I was pregnant with my third baby.

But I was told, just do your job, perform your duties. Pregnancy will not be a problem.

During this time, I experienced a lot of things. A lot of pains, heart aches. There are more pains that I can remember than happy moments.

I know I have some mistakes also during the job. But I also know and they also know that I also have good qualities as an employee. I was told that I remained to be industrious despite of how many times I was yelled, scolded at.

I cried a lot. Until now, I would never forget these words: “MS Word ra imong nahebaw-an, inutil, dile kasaligan”, etc.  As a pregnant woman, who would not cry? Getting yelled at, while other people are inside the office? I have always worked and worked without any complaints despite of all those harsh words… I remained to try harder because I needed the job…

Remember this movie? That’s how it felt…

But hey, I was fired! What a life! Unpredictable life!

Honestly, my husband told me to move on. He’s right. But it is not easy.

I always question why. Why can’t I impress HER? Why did she fire me?

I felt really bad, terrible. If  I knew beforehand that I will just be thrown away, despite of my hardships, I would have just given up…

But, nobody knew….


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