What Does Sigmund Freud Got to Do with Toilet Training?

Me and my eldest son. College Years.
Me and my eldest son. College Years.

When I was in college, I already had my baby.  I had to stop one semester in college and just got back to the university after I gave birth. Luckily, the university offered a new course, BS Psychology. I took the course and enjoyed the subjects, specifically Personality Development.

That time, I learned more about Sigmund Freud. One thing that I could never forget is his Stages of Development theory. Part of it  tackled about toilet training. I took this lesson by heart and applied to my kid (and later on to my second and youngest sons).

I could never forget the following:

Sigmund Freud, most famous figure in Psychology (Image credit to biography.com)
  • Toilet training success depends on how parents react / feel about the process;
  • A child who doesn’t do well in the process might grow up to be a stubborn and disorganized individual. He/she might even resort to smoking in his adulthood, or become irresponsible; and
  • Reward your child when he/she does well in the training.

I don’t really know whether the second one is for real. But based on my toilet training experience with my sons, I believe the first and third statements are “for real”.

I kept on reminding them where the toilet is and what they should be doing there. When they need to “poo-poo”, they will have to call me or their papa (or  an adult within the house) to help them clean up, etc. In cleaning them up, I never showed them any disgust or complained about the odor. It is important, dear parents, that we never show them any awkward feelings. We shouldn’t shout and yell at them. Because  when you do, tendency is, your child might feel uncomfortable. Of course, we shouldn’t make them feel that way, or else, they will avoid going to the toilet (at least, that’s how I see it). All the more, they won’t like the process. You wouldn’t want them to make “poo-poo” in other corners, right?

Aside from constantly reminding them, I also explained to them that rewards will be given if they do well. Rewards don’t have to be expensive at all. It could just be something sweet, a toy or anything which would make them smile. Remember, rewards are important.  It motivated my kids to do well in the toilet training.

So, when you’re a first time parent who wants to toilet train your kid, remember the tips mentioned above. Lastly, toilet training requires patience and determination.  It sounds easy but it may not be the same for everyone. Be patient and work hard.

Happy toilet training!!!


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